Scientific activity

Scientific activity of the EIU


The university's policy and choice of research areas are based on such aspects of its mission as integration into the global educational and scientific space, as well as training highly professional personnel who are able to realize their intellectual potential in science, production and professional activities to ensure the economic and social development of the country.

Research work is carried out at the departments of EIU and is carried out in conjunction with educational activities by involving students in the implementation of research.

At the departments of EIU there are student scientific circles (SNK), students are engaged in independent educational, scientific and practical research under the guidance of the teaching staff. Every year in April, according to the plan, a scientific and practical conference of young scientists and students is held, which is attended by students from all faculties of EIU, as well as from universities of the Kyrgyz Republic. The organization and holding of various competitions, seminars, scientific and practical conferences provides an opportunity for students and young scientists to share their experience and improve their knowledge.

The greatest prospects for the development of world medical and biological science in the XXI century are associated with biotechnology. The COVID-19 coronavirus infection is a rapidly growing global problem of humanity. More than 1 million people in the world were infected with COVID-19, more than 50 thousand of whom died.

In this direction, the research work (R & D) of a randomized controlled trial on the topic: "Microwave radiothermometry for screening diagnosis of pneumonia in patients with COVID-19", developed at the Department of Propedotherapy and Family Medicine of the EMMU under the leadership of B. Osmonov. R.

The prospects for the development of medicine and healthcare are associated with the implementation of the principle of the four " P " (predictive, preventive, personalized, participatory medicine) - predictive, preventive, personalized and partner medicine.

In addition, EIU scientists represented by professors: Batyraliev T. A., Osmonov D. A., Mustafa Unil, Kadyrova N. A. and others are developing research on the topic: "Public health Research in Kyrgyzstan".

The university has laid the foundations of an innovative university. EIU is the founder of the journal – "Bulletin of EIU", which is registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic. Currently, work is underway to include the journal "Vestnik EIU" in the list of indexed journals in Russia (RSCI).

Scientific cooperation

The University has a wide geography of cooperation with the world's leading scientific and educational centers in the field of medicine and biology. Together with the medical center "Bicard" (Professor Mustafa Unil, Turkey), "Cardio Asia Plus" and others, projects are being implemented in the field of cardiology, cardiac surgery and neurosurgery.

EIU is aware of its role in the country, and therefore projects are being implemented to improve the skills of teaching staff and medical staff of the Avicenna Medical Clinic in the best medical centers in Turkey (Osmongazy University, Eskisehir).

At the moment, mutually beneficial cooperation has been established with the Herbrand Medical Center (Poland) in the field of healthcare, academic, scientific, educational and cultural cooperation, including the exchange of faculty, researchers, students, the exchange of publications, academic programs and joint research projects, double recognition of diplomas, as well as the introduction of new forms of online training in the specialties "IT medicine" and "Management in healthcare".

Active cooperation of the Department of Biomedical and Clinical Disciplines of EIU in research work with the Medical Center of the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy named after I. K. Akhunbayev and Edinburgh State University. Scientific Randomized controlled Trial: "Advantages of using microwave radiothermometry to assess the effectiveness of rehabilitation in patients with COVID-19 complicated by pneumonia". The purpose of the research work: To determine the advantages of using microwave radiothermometry to assess the effectiveness of rehabilitation in patients with COVID-19 complicated by pneumonia in comparison with a review X-ray and computed tomography of the chest.

Cooperation on the publication of the results of scientific works has been established with the All-Russian public Organization "Pediatric Respiratory Society", "Bulletin of the KSMAA", "Bulletin of the KRSU", "Health Care of Kyrgyzstan", "Bulletin of OSH State University", "TSAMZH".

EIU is aware of its role in the country, and therefore projects are being implemented to improve the skills of teaching staff and medical staff of the Avicenna Medical Clinic in the best medical centers in Turkey (Osmongazy University, Eskisehir).

Representatives of EMMU are also members of the founders of the International Scientific Academy (International Modern Medical Academy of Sciences (ICMAS) ( On the basis of the academy, meetings will be held to exchange experience, train doctors and medical students from different countries. Research will also be conducted with the participation of doctors from different countries, current approaches, modern practices, the latest technologies and methods of treatment in accordance with the specialization will be considered.

In December 2020, the article of the Vice-rector for Educational Work of the EMMU Osmonov B. R. "Always ready to fight for the patient" was published in the Russian journal "Perspective of the Search Generation".


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2. Passive Microwave Radiometry (MWR) for diagnostics of COVID-19 lung complications.

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4. "Always ready to fight for the patient"

" Always ready to fight for the patient"

Russian magazine: "Perspektiva: search generation"

No. 2 December 2020 / No. 1 January 2021 (2)

Batyr Osmonov

5. Respiratory support for COVID – 19 patients

This review article describes specific aspects of respiratory care for patients with severe COVID-19, which include: high-flow and standard oxygen therapy, non-invasive ventilation (NIVL), and drug administration via a nebulizer. Oxygen Therapy Goals-The World Health Organization (WHO) suggests titrating oxygen to a target peripheral blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) of ≥ 90 percent. For the majority of extremely severe patients, the minimum possible fraction of inhaled oxygen (FiO2) required to achieve the target level of oxygenation (the target level of SpO2 is 91-96 percent) is recommended, if possible [1,3]. However, some patients may need a lower dose of oxygen (for example, patients with concomitant acute hypercapnic respiratory failure in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [COPD]), or other patients who may need a higher dose of oxygen (for example, pregnant women). [4,5]...........

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