1. The article is presented on paper and in electronic form. The file name must match the last name of the first author. The paper copy must be signed by all authors.
2. The electronic version of the article is executed in the text editor Microsoft Word 2003, 2007, 2010. A4 format (book). Margins: all 20mm. Line spacing is single. Times New Roman font. Point size (characters) - 14 point, paragraph indent - 1.25 cm; line spacing – 1.0. Margins: top – 2.0 mm, bottom – 2.0 mm, right – 2.0 mm, left – 2.0 mm. The recommended length of the article is at least 5 pages.
3. An article published in the journal must consist of the following sequential elements:
- UDC code – on the left, normal font;
- initials of the author(s) and surname(s) – on the right, regular font (in Kyrgyz, Russian and English);
- the title (title) of the article is in the center, the font is bold, the letters are in capitals (in Kyrgyz, Russian and English);
- abstract (in Kyrgyz, Russian and English) up to 6 lines and keywords (5-10 words);
- article text.
- Figures (graphs) and tables should be located according to the test after the reference to it. Abbreviations and symbols are allowed only those accepted in the international system of units for abbreviations of measures, physical, chemical and mathematical quantities, terms, etc. Formulas are entered in text only in the Math Type editor.
- bibliography. The list of cited literature is given in accordance with the requirements of GOST 7.1-2003 Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and drafting rules. In the list, sources are arranged in the order they are mentioned in the article. References in the text of the article are enclosed in square brackets, for example: [5]. Article elements are separated from each other by one blank line. A separate page provides information about the author(s), which contains the following information:
- last name, first name, patronymic in full;
- academic degree, academic title;
- place of work, position held;
- contact phone number (work, home, cell phone), email address.
4. The article must have clear structural parts: introduction (introductory part, statement of the problem), methodology for solving (researching) the problem, research results, conclusions (final part) and a list of references.
5. It is recommended to provide links in the “Bibliography” section to articles published in previous issues of “EMU Bulletin”;
6. It is not recommended that the number of references in the “Bibliography” section be more than 7-8; if the article is a review and the entire list of sources is very necessary, then they need to be given somehow within the text.
7. It is not recommended to give a subpage link and a general link after the text link in one article; the latter is optimal.
8. A large number of authors (5-7 or more) in one article is not recommended. Optimally one author or 3 authors in one article.
9. Article text with a volume of less than 5 pages is not recommended; such articles will not be considered articles.


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