1.All manuscripts submitted to the Journal undergo a mandatory review procedure, which serves to ensure compliance with international ethical principles.

2.Materials that meet the formal criteria of the journal, including technical requirements, verification of originality and correspondence to the thematic area of the journal, are sent for external review.

3.Leading experts who have published publications on the same topic are invited as reviewers.

The reviewer evaluates:

  •   Correspondence of the manuscript to the subject of the journal;
  •   scientific relevance;
  •   the importance of the research problem;
  •   scientific novelty;
  •   quality of the results and conclusions;
  •   Terminology used;
  •   references to previous studies;
  •   linguistic quality of the text.

5.Based on the analysis of the manuscript, the reviewer decides:

  1. recommend the manuscript for publication without further elaboration;
  2. recommend the manuscript for publication after completion;
  3. reject the manuscript for publication.

6.Reviews are sent to the authors via e-mail.

7.Manuscripts that have been rejected cannot be sent back to the Journal.

8.Positive feedback is not a sufficient basis for publication. The final decision on publication rests solely with the editorial board.

9.If the publication is approved, the manuscript is placed on the waiting list for publication.



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