Meeting on National and International Accreditation

Accreditation meeting

Meeting on National and International Accreditation

Eurasian International medical university held its Meeting today, Friday, 26 March 2021, with the agenda on the follow up on the implementation of upcoming national and international program accreditation of the university.

The meeting was opened by the Rector of the University, who emphasizing that we are standing at the threshold of passing the National and International program accreditation and in this regard, it is necessary to identify the problems in order to be able to prepare more thoroughly for the accreditation of the university.

During the meeting, the heads of departments, who are directly involved in educational process, controlling the preparation for accreditation, supervise the development of curricula, - exchanged with views and discussed specific steps for passing the upcoming accreditation, in particular, - important issues related to the quality of education, administrative and legal documentation and final readiness for the forthcoming accreditation.

To the end of the meeting, specific tasks and step-by-step program for the structural departments were set.